Make strategic Revenue Management decisions using purpose-built, industry-specific insights. KERnel offers strategic Revenue Management solutions that sit on top of a highly scalable data mart that drive actionable insights for pharma finance.

Life Science manufacturers have made substantial investments in technology and related processes. Yet, the end-to-end contract management process is still not as robust and streamlined as it should be.

Business and IT are still seeking better solutions to data access, data integration, data health, data conversion, data organization, and expertise to power reporting and analytics.

Our software addresses these remaining critical needs by providing unique features and fast, seamless, insightful, and actionable information as a result of our core competency of managing the data.

Revenue Management Software screen on Computer


KERnel’s Revenue Management software solutions and data hub offers a systematic, automated approach to your most critical strategic needs. Our software is designed to be complementary to your existing solution ecosystem, thereby significantly increasing its value.

Our software yields a more cost-effective, comprehensive, and quick approach to service-oriented projects. Business expertise in the areas of Regulatory, Finance, and Information Systems have produced a turn-key solution that implements quickly and only requires simple configuration to enable your data.

Users of the system will enjoy:

  • Accurate, immediate results
  • Smarter operations and sales decisions
  • Configurable and intuitive
  • Increased operational efficiency
  • Sophisticated yet simple to use
KERnel software is unique and specialized with a robust infrastructure and pre-built connectors. It is quick and easy to deploy, and its streamlined data visualization brings analysis to life.


Minimize restatement risk, become more efficient, and answer price certification questions with KERnel Government Price Insights. Regulations are always changing. Our software provides the flexibility you need to respond to regulation changes rapidly and to access data insights that affect all facets of the government pricing process. Leverage our powerful engine and unique functionality to do unbundling, What-If analysis, understand liability impact in minutes, and systematically compare data for maximum accuracy.


Gross-to-net calculations are a growing challenge for Life Sciences companies. Our enterprise software solution streamlines the Gross-to-Net reconciliation process via pre-configured integration. Systematic data management and reconciliation optimize every facet of the process from data readiness and compilation to data analysis enabling more forecasting accuracy. This process allows business activities to shift from manual efforts and reactivity to quality analysis and proactivity.

Achieve gross-to-net visibility and reliable insights in real-time with just one Revenue Management solution that drove a 75% reduction in time to close for one of our clients.


Unlock your data, streamline your process, and gain strategic insights into your business by using KERnel purpose-built enterprise Revenue Management software. Our solutions supplement and significantly improve your existing RM ecosystem.  These solutions were developed to save you time, increase confidence and to accomplish what has traditionally been done by services; thereby, putting the power and the knowledge back in your hands while saving time and money.

KERnel is the expert in RM data access, integration, conversion, organization, and proactive health checks to fill in the industry gaps and drive actionable insights.


What can KERnel Business Solutions do for your company?